About Us


I created MY BEAUTY FETISH after struggling with so many scars on my skin. One day I got a paper cut on my finger and after healing, it actually left a scar! I was so shocked that I began researching why this was happening and how I could get back to my original, scar-free skin. From this, MY BEAUTY FETISH was born. (Est. 2020)

My products are for those who struggle with hyperpigmentation, acne, ingrown hair and of course, scarring. I formulated products to help restore and rejuvenate elements your skin may have lost due to trauma, or just naturally over time. I encourage loving the skin you're in but also taking it to its highest and best potential so you can CONFIDENTLY flaunt it.

With MY BEAUTY FETISH products you are one step closer to your best skin ever!


My Beauty Fetish Owner